Business and creative leaders are looking for new ways to solve problems and build an adaptable workforce for our ever-changing, on-demand world. The mashup of new technology, the speed of change and decreasing marketing dollars means doing more with less, including knowing when to pivot, when to pause, and when to pretzel-bend to get things done. What better way to foster in-the-moment problem solving than to utilize the techniques of improvisational theater?


Improv is an extreme workout to get creative muscles into shape. It’s about being present, listening and responding. It’s moving out of your comfort zone, leaving your ego at the door and building trust.

Improvisation is not about being funny; it’s about being real and creating an environment where others shine. It’s a portable playground where learned skills are applicable at work and in life.  


We’ll guide you through improv exercises during which you’ll experience the power of yes, stretch your spontaneity and activate your imagination. You’ll add on to the ideas of others, generate solutions with little or no prep time, and conduct on-your-feet thinking. Switching from player to audience member, both roles incorporate observation, reflection and self-discovery, not to mention laugh-until-you-cry playfulness.



All are welcome, with particular encouragement to managers, supervisors and others with direct reports. These sessions are as much for the cerebral, analytical thinker as they are for the guy or gal spit-balling from the back of the room.


Each session will help you:

  • Loosen up and clearly articulate your ideas to an audience

  • Create in the moment using limited resources

  • Leverage diverse teams to generate ideas and solve problems

  • Give and receive real-time feedback

  • Listen, be real and be relevant in your response

  • Speak with the intent to add value and inspire


To request a session for your organization contact me.

We look forward to having you join us for fun and exploration!